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Welcome to the official Twelve Colonies Community website! The TC is a casual Gaming Community, consisting of players from all around the world, united in their passion for gaming and Science-Fiction. If you want to know more about our servers, the community in general or just want to stay up to date, continue your adventure through the depths of these pages. To use this site to its full extend you’ll need to register a new account through our forums. We advise you to use the same username as ingame / on steam to make further identification easier.

“Forget the Past, to build the Future.”


Before you continue you might want to check out our Discord Server! It's a nice place to relax and talk to your friends. However, on there you will be one of the first to recieve server or community related updates and news. Also it is our main method of communication and thus, the fastest way to get your questions answered!

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Latest News

14th July 2019

Our new website is officially done! The entire design was overhauled, our gameservers were included and we put a lot of effort into a proper and functional discussion board!

23rd June 2019

The Creators and the Twelve Colonies were successfully merged into one community! There has been conflicts in the past but we advise everybody to move on. “Forget the Past, to build the Future” is our new motto!

25th March 2019

Admiral Obi-Swag Kenobi was promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral. This ensures that major decisions are now made by two people instead of just one!

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